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christain blogger and bible teacher and speaker marla

Hi There!  It's me, Marla, your grateful servant, Christian blogger. In offline life, I am a chiropractor with two practices (one for people, one for animals) here in the great state of NY. In August 2017, I graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Masters in Biblical and Theological Studies. This program forced me to write A LOT and I found out I really like it, so here I am using what God has given me to give back to the Kingdom! I have also discovered that I have the gift of being able to teach and speak boldly about Jesus at gatherings, whether large or small. I am always up for sharing at group events what I have learned over the years that I have been studying and walking with Christ.

I am SO GLAD you are here!

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My Testimony


I was brought up in a Jewish, in heritage alone, home with a loving mom, dad and one older sister. Growing up, I was not taught about God except as a fictional character in the holiday stories. Consequently, all through my teens and into my twenties, I was an atheist. I was also a very restless, selfish, unsettled person that constantly started and quit things in an effort to hopefully find that "thing" that would make me happy. 

While attending chiropractic school, I opened up to one of the main philosophies of chiropractic- the idea that there is a "universal energy" that can heal the body. As I studied human dissection, I also recognized there was NO WAY that the human body in all it's intricacy was randomly put together. It had to be designed which meant there had to be a Designer. So, I began to be okay with the notion there was a "force" out there greater than me. It wasn't until I train wrecked my marriage, though, that I ran into the real Truth of God. 

I was separated, alone and tired of searching for things to make me happy but never did. It was then that "out of nowhere" an acquaintance from my past looked me up to adjust her dog. Since I hadn't seen her in five years, I told her about my separation from my husband and she took the opportunity to give me a Bible to thank me for adjusting her dog. In hindsight, I now know she was doing what Christ followers do- she was loving a lost person by trying to get them to somehow see the love of the Savior. I had never read a Bible before so I decided to read some of it. I read the first four books of the New Testament and something in me recognized that Jesus was not just a nice dude with some nice things to say- He was more than that. That thought stuck with me but not enough to do anything about it since I was in what I call my "hippy dippy" phase. I was doing stuff like Buddhism, yoga, chanting, drum circles- a lot of the stuff people in the holistic healing field get into. It wasn't until five years later that a boyfriend asked me to go to church with him and I actually HEARD the Gospel that I accepted Christ as my Savior. That was Dec 10, 2010 and from there I never looked back. Jesus has changed me in innumerable ways. He did what I could not do with all my searching and all my trying to find happiness and purpose. I now realize what I was looking for wasn't a what, it was a WHO. And with Him came peace for my restless soul. Do you KNOW Him?

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My Heart


I love Jesus..He is First and Foremost. I want to know Him more..so my heart is to do what I can do foster our relationship. It's a supernatural thing to have a relationship with a Being that is not corporeal so I recognize that the bulk of the relational work has to be done by God but I am committed to doing my part. So I read my Bible daily and I pray earnestly and I obey to the best of my ability so that God can speak to me clearly. 

I love the Body of Christ. Jesus has given me a Spiritual Family beyond compare. He has placed people in my life to show me His love, grace and mercy. I truly adore these gifts to me from Heaven, they are my support system. I try to give back to my Family as best I can and God has led me to love them in many ways. Currently, He has me involved in a few things mostly surrounding women's ministry at my church.

I love animals...all of them (though I do have a fear of some types of birds)..but most of all I love my three current pups. I feel God has sent me them to care for and to be cared for. Not exactly sure what I would do without them..my companions...unconditional love in four-legged form. I have a dream to buy a large property and use it to rescue dogs and horses while also ministering to lost and lonely people. People like me who connect to animals in a way they can't quite figure out how to connect to people. God loves all of His creation and He has made people like me on this earth to care for His animals. 

I love exploring. I have a travel trailer and I like to go find new places to experience. I load up the pups and off we go! Hiking, kayaking, biking, swimming, campfires, new cities and new faces. I take a box of Bibles with me and ask God to lead me to the people He would like me to share the Gospel with when I am traveling.

I love the Bible. I love studying it, teaching it and sharing it with lost souls. It grieves me tho know there are people out there just like I was, who have never read a Bible or heard the Gospel. God has given me the gift of evangelism and a heart to get the Good News out there. That is why I am here and I hope you enjoy what you read and see through this ministry for the King!

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